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Minecraft Board Game: Builders & Biomes

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Minecraft board game, builder and biomes successfully makes the leap from the screen to the living room or kitchen table. Created by the famed puzzle maker Ravensburger, in collaboration with the makers of the original video game, the Minecraft board game is a fantastic way to get the kids away from the screen and into person to person game-play. Reviewers of the game highlight the simple instructions and replay-friendly concepts.

While the game is easy to learn its design calls for and helps build kids decision making skills in a fun and rewarding way. With five different actions to decide between on every turn, the game outcomes can vary widely. Defeating mobs, exploring the overworld, mining for resources, collecting weapons, mining and of course building structures all come into play and add the ongoing excitement.

A few weaker points of the product are the mediocre materials used for the board and cards. Also, the points system employed can take the younger players a bit to understand and work into their strategies. The products is recommend for children 10 years and older, however we feel, based on extensive feedback players as young as 8 years should be able to enjoy it to its fullest.

There are few off-line games that can steer the attention of the younger generation away from the screens these days, but in our minds the Minecraft board game does an excellent job and not only providing initial interest, but also in its well thought-out game play principals. This game is highly recommended for the Minecraft lover in your life.