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Minecraft Pickaxe

Rating: 4.1/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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There are a few critical items a player must have in the word of Minecraft. One needs to to defend oneself to protect ones equipment, supplies and materials. For that a sword is a must have! The other, and more commonly associated with the game is that of a Pickaxe. It is called "Mine" craft after all and it would be pretty challenging (and frankly silly) to run around trying to "Mine" with your hands or the above mentioned sword.

So with that cleared up, we present to you this iconic Minecraft Pickaxe toy. Suitable for any Minecraft fan ages 6 and up this gift is sure to bring a huge smile upon opening. For Minecraft fans there is simply no better way to bring the game to life than to wield this toy tool around the house or neighborhood. The vast majority of reviews we have seen on this item suggest kids absolutely love it, i mean really LOVE it.....at first.

There is simply no doubt this is a very cool Minecraft item, however we have found that the item is far from as well made as the price might suggest. Being made of a foam and plastic mix it if very light, which makes it easy for the younger Minecrafters to amble around with, however the light weight comes at the price of durability. The pickaxe struggles to keep together under rough play conditions. Fam flaking off and shedding pieces of plastic seem to occur within the first hours of play time. Kids may or may not be phased by this, but as a potential purchaser you should be aware of the potential of breakage.

If you wanting to see big smiles and have potentially have the best gift at whatever event you might be attending, then this is certainly an excellent consideration. Just beware of the potential downside should you little Minecrafter lean toward the aggressive side...

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