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Top 10 Minecraft Gifts Under $50!

Great gifts can be hard to find and many times when you do track down a potential gift, it ends up being over your budget. To help the budget conscious gift shoppers out there, we've compiled a Top 10 list of what we believe are the best available finds for under $50 dollars. Seriously, you cant go wrong any of these! We've uncovered the top rated Minecraft items on Amazon and compiled a list spanning Minecraft toys, clothes and even books.

  1. Mattel Minecraft Foam Core Diamond Sword (With Sound!)

  2. Mattel Games UNO: Minecraft - Card Game

  3. LEGO Minecraft The Pirate Ship Adventure

  4. Minecraft: Herobrine Birth Of A Monster: The Complete Collection

  5. Minecraft Creepers Youth T-Shirt

  6. Jay Franco Mojang Minecraft Creeper Plush Throw Blanket

  7. Minecraft Poster - Worldly (Poster & Clip)

  8. Minecraft: The Lost Journals: An Official Minecraft Novel

  9. Prestonplayz Youtuber Boys Girls Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt *

  10. LEGO Minecraft The Panda Nursery

We should note of course this list does not include what would be the ultimate gift of Minecraft, he Actual Game! The all time #1 computer game is a must play for kids and adults alike. You can get that here for PC and of course head over to Amazon for the console versions. PS4 version, Xbox360 and Xbox One .